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Is Your Facebook Profile Harming Your Business?

How can you make sure your Facebook profile isn't harming your business?

If you watch any of my videos or listen to my podcasts, you know that I have a kind of love hate relationship with Facebook. I love what it can do for your business, and how it allows us to connect with people all over the world.

Is your Facebook profile hurting your business

I just hate how people behave there. Facebook can be addictive to some people. And so I want to share how your Facebook profile could be hurting your business and how you can fix it so that it actually helps your business.

You don't have to use Facebook, but it has an impact on your business.

How Facebook help you grow your business

If you follow a lot of the strategies out there people talk about using Facebook to grow your business. And a lot of that involves networking.  It also involves connecting with people and liking their pages. However, when you do that, you're always acting as you.

People are naturally going to click on your name and look at your profile. And so what your personal profile tells them in those few brief seconds that they're looking at it, is going to give them a snap judgment.  Whether that judgement is real or not, they will form an opinion about who you are, what you value, and what you do.

So I want to make sure that your profile actually helps you with that.

What does your Facebook profile tell the public about you?

Your Facebook profile and your business

As I'm looking through my own Facebook profile, I have some suggestions as to how you should handle your own Facebook profile.

  1. Be careful of what you put in your profile
    • the pictures you use
    • what you post
    • and the image you want to curate
  2. Always post what you believe
  3. Make sure you represent your business well
  4. Be careful about what groups and pages you associate with online

How your Facebook profile can help your business

Facebook can be the primary driver of your business. That is where you can connect to a lot of people for business.  You can get many clients through Facebook.

For example, I do lives to talk about Bookkeeper Training School and Small Biz Mama. Also, I get a lot of tax clients and bookkeeping clients through Facebook. I also get a lot of students for Bookkeeper Training School through Facebook. My Facebook is my main revenue driver right now.

Other ways to use Facebook

Facebook is a great tool that you can use to connect with friends and family.  Because it's so easy to do that and keep track of pictures. 

The third thing you can use Facebook for is to keep up with your hobbies and connect with other people who do those things.

There are many groups you can connect to within Facebook.  If you're looking for moms groups or if you need support, there are groups for everything on Facebook.

To have those communities, especially right now with COVID, it's just so nice to be able to connect with people, even if it's just this way. 

What shows up when you click on your name

Inevitably what will happen, especially if you're in a Facebook group, is somebody will click on your name.

So try this.  If you haven't done it, click on somebody's name and you will see that a box that pops up. When that box pops up, it shows the profile picture a little bit larger. It shows your name, which remember Facebook requires you to use your legal name unless there is a specific legal reason why you can't.

However, you can pick what you want Facebook to show. 

Click on your own profile

It's a really interesting exercise to click on your own profile and view it.  There are a couple of different ways that you can view it:

  • As public.  Which means you'll see what the public would see.
  • As a friend. This will show you what a friend would see.

It's very interesting to click on your profile as public because often you don't think about what is public and what is private or just for your friends.

People want to hire and connect with people they like and trust

Your profile picture in Facebook 

Be very careful about what you're using as your profile picture, especially as a business owner because people want to connect with people they like and trust. They want to hire people they like and trust. And so if they can't see you that turns a lot of people off.

They will be wondering why you aren't showing your picture. And again, some people have very valid reasons to not do that, but I think if you should as a business owner.

Your tagline and intro in Facebook

So then the next thing you see  is a tagline.  You can put a tagline underneath your name. Mine says, "I help moms replace their full-time income while their kids are napping as virtual bookkeepers."

Your intro should have a couple of different websites that you want people to go to. When you set up the intro section you can put whatever you want.

Under jobs, I typically don't put owner of, or self-employed at. For Bookkeeper Training School, my job is helping moms create the life of their dreams. That's my job. And then it says in my intro, "helping moms create the life of their dreams at Bookkeeper Training School and then that links to our page.

So play around with that and put websites on there. 

What posts are showing publicly

What you need to look at next is at the posts that you're showing publicly. 

Look at everything. As you are looking at everything think about:

  • What do you see on your profile?  
  • What will people who do not know you see?
  • And what impression will they get of you from scrolling through?

To Post Publicly or Not

You decide what you post publicly or not. You can determine if it's for your close friends or for everybody. 

Now you don't need to stop posting things or censor yourself. It is perfectly okay to post about your beliefs. But I do think that you have to be really careful about what you're posting.

My departing sentiment when my students leave class every week is, "don't do anything that's going to show up on Facebook and keep you from getting a job."

And I think that it's really important that you don't do anything that'll show up on Facebook and keep you from getting a client.

 It's important that you make the decision what you will use Facebook for. 

Public vs private content

Be consistent with what you post.

When you post just make sure that if there are things you want people to see publicly that you make it public. If you share a post from your page to your profile, or it's your pages, your business page, your profiles or personal profile, make that public.

That way, if people are looking for you, they'll see what you've posted as public. And then you can make everything else private.

So you can make what you want private or public. You have that control over Facebook.

Facebook groups

Keep in mind that if you are going out and networking on Facebook, it is with your personal profile.

You're going to network in groups. Because the vast majority of groups out there are where all the action and interactions are happening. Groups do not allow pages to join, only a personal profile.

Friend requests 

If you don't want to friend random people, that's totally fine. You don't have to do that.

If people send you friend requests, you can send them a message that just says, "Hey, thanks for the friend request. I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know, but I'll be happy to have you follow my page or I'd be happy to interact with you on LinkedIn."  

You can send them to another social media profile and interact over there instead.

Just keep in mind that a lot of people interact for everything on Facebook. So it's not something you have to do, but it does impact your business.

I challenge you within the next couple of days to just go to Facebook and look at your own profile. You can view it as the public and just see what does your profile tell the public about you? Is that what you want it to tell the public about you?

You can always go back and edit things. And you can hide things on your profile after the fact.

Let me know what your position is on friending people that you don't personally know on Facebook. You can leave me a comment.

Is your Facebook Profile Hurting Your Business

​Disclosure: We professionally create this podcast that receives compensation from companies that we talk about. So you must assume that any link you click is an affiliate link. Kristin and Ingram Digital Media only have affiliate relationships with companies that we believe in wholeheartedly. We are independently owned, and all of our opinions are​ our own.


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